Lawyer Moms Foundation is organized to conduct charitable and educational activities on issues affecting historically and currently marginalized children and families in the United States. Our outreach and fundraising activities focus specifically on the intersection of U.S. law and disadvantaged families, such as immigration, clean water, and mass incarceration.

Our Projects

We seek to educate individuals and groups on these issues and how to address them through preserving and defending the necessary structural underpinnings of representative democracy in the U.S.—e.g., through increasing the number of registered voters, explaining the process and results of constituent advocacy, and exposing individuals and families to more people with stories and experiences different from their own.

Our resources are directed toward specific individuals as well as other non-profit organizations. Our signature projects include:

Kids Take a Stand is a summer lemonade stand fundraiser organized by families across the country to boost awareness and provide monetary support to organizations working on issues affecting marginalized children and families.

Lights the Way is a collection of clothing/necessity drives organized to help marginalized families affected by a particular issue, e.g., immigration, clean water, and/or incarceration. Lights the Way takes place during the winter holiday season.

The LMF Travel Bank is ongoing. We collect and distribute donated airline miles to connect affected individuals and families with family members and/or legal counsel who can assist.

Get Involved

If you want to get involved please join our mailing list or if you are interested in volunteering, contact us directly.

Donations are also vital to our growth.